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Barren's Knee Down

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Barren's Knee Down Empty Barren's Knee Down

Post  barrenwizard Sat May 03, 2008 4:11 pm

At last, I manage to scrape my knee! Ahahahahahaha! Feel like I've just been graduated. Fell twice because of failer to maintain throttle. Thank god for the gloves. Its nice though. Twisted Evil

Barren's Knee Down

Barren's Knee Down Th_InjuredLeftHand
I wore a glove, KOMINE Carbon padded. My bleeding finger is because of friction against my gloves. My little finger got sprained but Man! There's no feeling at all when I fall with my Racing Suit plus my Racing Boots. Woohooo, exeprience! Twisted Evil

Barren's Knee Down Th_ScrapedKneeSliders
Yea, your virginity is mind!! Twisted Evil

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